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Install Ogre3D 1.4.0 for Linux


I've made a tar.gz with all you need to compile Ogre3D :

  • FreeImage
  • Cg
  • OIS 1.0
  • Ogre1.4.5

So First get this :

tar xvzf allioneOgre1.4.5.tar.gz

There are 2 ways to call the installScript :


wich is gonna compile everything


wich only recompile Ogre (if any problem occured, and believe me it happens all the time )


  • If you get the following error message : PKG_CONFIG_PATH: undefined variable, type
setenv (or export) PKG_CONFIG_PATH in your shell.

  • You may need to set the following variables and run the script again:
setenv CXXFLAGS '-I/YYY/include -I/ZZZ/include'
setenv LDFLAGS '-L/YYY/lib -L/ZZZ/lib'

where YYY is the path to Freeimage (ie. /YYY/include contains Freeimage.h) and ZZZ is the path to Cg (ie. /ZZZ/include contains Cg/cg.h)

  • Add OGRE_HOME and OIS_HOME to your .cshrc :
setenv OGRE_HOME /.../ogreBin
setenv OIS_HOME /.../oisBin

these directories have been created by the script.

  • You may need to add the Plugins.cfg file in /.../ogreBin/lib/OGRE.

Plugins.cfg Sample :

# Defines plugins to load
# Define plugin folder
# Define D3D rendering implementation plugin

Fedora Other problem

You should check this page :