Thanks to its expertise with land combat systems, the Giat Industries' primary aim is to meet the requirements of French and foreign armies. Its area of activitiy extends to the supply of equipment and ammunition for the Air Force, the Navy and the security forces.

To date, Giat Industries is focusing on its core business: weapon systems, armoured systems and ammunition. Its activities range from the design of products to operational readiness management.

In 1969 Georges Pompidou initiated the establishment of the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Institute for music/acoustic research and coordination) entrusting its direction to the composer and conductor Pierre Boulez. IRCAM became, and remains today, the only center of its kind across the globe, dedicated to contemporary musical research and production and linked to the Centre Pompidou.

The laboratory controls the speciality Research "Physiology cellular and integrated physical activities and modeling of the movement" of Master "Sport, health, company"

Inserm is the only French public organization entirely dedicated to biological, medical and public health research.

Its researchers are committed to studying all human illnesses, whether common or rare.

France Telecom places the innovation in the heart of the strategy of the company in order to accelerate its growth and its positioning of integrated operator. The contribution of the R&D to the development of the commercial offers of the group is multiform to make it possible the group to remain leader on his markets:
* improvement of the existing offers
* development of technologies and services innovating
* integration of architectures of networks and infrastructures
* optimization of the processes of marketings
* dynamic industrial
* expertise with the service of its foreign subsidiary companies
* close co-operations near great industrial groups and of the world scientific community


GIAT Industries