"Seule Avec Loup" : Interactive Choreographic Navigation

enchanted forests

"Seule Avec Loup" invits you into an interactive choreographic world, made of enchanted forests or desert landscapes. The Wave Field Synthesis system ensure the immersion of the spectator who entered this world. All of its gestures is collected by a laser : the spectator becomes actor while moving, modifying in its own way the visual and sound environement.

Beaubourg 1

OpenMASK was used in this application in order to :

  • control and synchronise the visual rendering engine (Ogre) and the sound rendering engine (Max MSP) ;
  • collect laser data and control the evolution of visual and sound environements.

Beaubourg 3

Developped with IRCAM and Ars Numerica, this work was exposed in June 2006 at Paris (Centre Pompidou).


Created by the artists
Nicole and Norbert Corsino

For any informations on this application at Irisa, contact
Stephane Donikian

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